new book: The Artisanal Home : Interiors and Furniture of Casamidy
By Anne-Marie Midy and Jorge Almada

"I'm from Paris but I am a Mexican at heart...."

 Casamidy's Mexican Ranch, Jamo

"Since the guest room is small, we hung a few of our mirrors on the wall in a pattern resembling puzzle pieces; the reflections help to give depth to the small room."
photograph by Jorge Almada

The furniture designs and works of Casamidy have always made perfect sense to me.  Perhaps it is their rugged simplicity meets old-world elegance, or their finishes of of oak, saddle leather, and iron that immediately show the "hands" that made them.  Their work feels familiar and distinct at the same time, balancing function with the decorative.  The homes they have created feel as if they have always existed, yet are distinctly the work of Casamidy. We've often incorporated their works into our own design projects, as their work is perfect for the California climate, a true blend of indoor and outdoor living.

"The Artisanal Home : Interiors and Furniture of Casamidy" is their newly published book by Rizzoli that tells the story of Anne Marie and Jorge, husband and wife team of Casamidy, from their early days in New York (Anne Marie works as an art director at Martha Stewart Living) to their current projects and homes in Brussels, Paris, and their Mexican Ranch.  Their homes are extensions of themselves, their families, and the artisans they collaborate with on their designs. This book offers a glimpse into not only their creative life, but their total vision and bits of their family history. - David John

"Hospicio" their original design laboratory in San Miguel de Allende
photograph by Ricardo Labougle

Casa Sollano
photograph by Pieter Estersohn

Casamidy's Mexican Ranch, Jamo

"The hand hammered copper bathtub has a jewel like quality, 
especially when we light the candles in the candleabra, which came from a church. 
The material seemed apt since Sonora has a tradition of copper mining."

photograph by Jorge Almada

"The kitchen wall has blue and white Talavera tile in a zig zag pattern 
that adds a contemporary element to the traditional house."

photograph by Pieter Estersohn