"memories they come and go, some are sweet and some are low" 
“I’ve had enough darkness in my life, I’m ready for some light.”


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1. Francis Harris, Leland: "Reverting to his own name has allowed Harris to produce arguably his most organic, ostensibly his most honest and without doubt his saddest body of work to date. The first few times I listened through I was unaware of the album's backstory, but even without this knowledge it was impossible to come away without a sense of it; sorrow permeates almost every aspect of every track. Some of this is down to the collaborations. Greg Paulus' trumpet has never sounded as heartbroken, Emil Eabramyan's achingly beautiful cello floats like ash on the wind, and Danish singer Gry Bagoien contributes delicate, lingering vocals to a handful of songs. However, it's Harris' production itself that delivers the majority of the emotional payload. " listen here.

2. CTO lighting. more here.