Lean out, lean out 
The light in Who wants to sing? 
And I truly believe 
Used see what you see 
That you cant overlie us 
We will find the solution 

And that we,and that we,and that we 
We shall see what you see 
We shall see what you see

1. Mark Rothko
2. Peter Zellner's Matthew Marks Gallery in West Hollywood CA
3. Hundred Water's latest album is pure magic. A feast for the eyes, ears, and heart.

"Music is one of the dominant ways of experiencing being alive and so in a way, it’s more than just hearing. It’s about articulating feelings, stories and attitudes. I also feel as though an album or a piece of music almost has a sense of place inside it if it’s good. It takes a lot out of you to really apprehend music fully so I think it does relate to the other senses.

Music for me is story telling, so I usually start with an intention or something I want to say. From there I kind of struggle around in the dark, trying to find ways to say that. Sometimes it’s a linear thing where I have an idea and then go about trying to find ways to express it. Other times I will discover things along the way and the idea ends up turning into something else altogether. It’s a mixture between intention and chance.   

I think the reason I write music is because I’m trying to say things that I find difficult to encapsulate verbally. Music is its own kind of language and it’s very good at saying things that words struggle with, so that’s often the impulse for me. " - Max Richter, composer,  taken from an interview here.