The strange logic in your clumsiest line 
(It stayed, it stayed) it stayed emblazoned on my mind 
You say, break up the family 
And let's begin to live our lives  
I want to see all my friends tonight  (here)

Some songs you never stop singing, and some lyrics continue to reveal their meaning.

It's a song about leaving your family. I was 16 years of age, and I remember driving to work at the drive-thru restaurant, with my jam-box on full blast in the backseat of my Oldsmobile because my car radio was out of commission.  The nights in the summertime were usually muggy and hot, and since my air conditioner worked about as great at my car radio, the windows were usually open. "Break up the family..." he sings late into the evening, as I drove home with a greasy face and shirt, crossing the pitch-black country roads to home while bugs left their wings on my windshield.  It was a drive I looked forward to, work behind me, and the open dancing with me while the songs crackled from the backseat stereo. I could have driven forever. I could have driven forever. I could have driven forever and listened to those songs..   - David John

"I’ve stopped trying to figure out where I should live, asking, “Where’s my home?” It’s been killing me. So now I’ve surrendered to the fact that I’m never probably going to find a permanent home. And even if I do settle down in one spot I’ll still never be there anyway. I’m somewhere else all the time." - Lykke Li