new lighting by Bert Frank

Now we're going down, And I can feel the eyes are watching us 
so closely oh I'm trying not to make a sound, cause I'll be found out somehow.. (Haim)

New lighting out of the UK by a company called Bert Frank.  Finshes in brass,black, and old English white!   - David John

"Bert Frank items are designed to oppose the throw away culture we live in today and are built to last at least as long as you will. During this time they will age and mature with you. The brass will soften and darken (unless you don't want it to and treat it to a little polish) and any knocks or scratches it may pick up over the years will add to its story. That's how we see them anyway, if you don't, you can always book them in for a recondition session."

"Shear Wall Light: this versatile wall light is perfect for bedsides, kitchens or anywhere a wall mounted task light is required.."

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