DISC Interiors on Domaine Home

An Eclectic and Modern LA Home : DISC Interiors blends a couple’s beautiful collection of artwork and travel finds  with cutting-edge décor and a calm palette. (via here)

We are incredibly excited that our latest project was featured on Domaine Home this past week.  Read the entire story, and view the collection of photos on Domaine..

"These eclectic pieces juxtapose beautifully with the home’s elegant 1940s architectural details, like wainscoting and heavy paneling, and it’s no coincidence. “Our goal was to seamlessly blend the traditional architecture with their eclectic modern aesthetic,” David John says. “We worked with some original colors in the home, but we selected a new, tonal palette that suited their furniture better and opened up the rooms.” The previous owner had painted the master bedroom a delicious dark-chocolate hue, but DISC elevated the whole room by painting the ceiling and trims white and having color-matched linen drapes custom made. “We installed the drapery almost to the ceiling to extend the room’s height, making it feel even taller,” he says.

 “Combined with cutting edge design, for example Jamie Hayon’s Ro Chair that we purchased 
for the home,there’s a blend of objects they’ve collected from their travels 
that make the home feel personal.”

"Step outside to the property’s quiet and spacious outdoor patio and pool, and you’ll be surrounded towering hedges and mature trees — it feels miles away Shield’s image of LA sprawl."

thank you Domaine!

All photography by D. Gilbert photography