“It is not a must but a may. It is not either…or but as well as.” 

“An open attempt” - Karl Heinrich Müller

 Museum Insel Hombroich, Neuss

"Karl Heinrich Müller calls his Stiftung Insel Hombroich “an open attempt” and adds, “It is not a must but a may. It is not either…or but as well as.” The Düsseldorf art collector and patron purchased the island on the river Erft including park and nineteenth-century manor house together with the surrounding wasteland in 1982. On this remote piece of land, surrounded by cabbage fields in the Lower Rhine region north of Neuss, Museum Insel Hombroich was established in 1987. Müller and his artist friends imagined a place of poetical interaction between plastic arts, architecture, and nature. 

Ten buildings designed by the architect Erwin Heerich are integrated in the 24-hectare landscape of parks and riverside meadows. They can be seen as accessible sculptures but at the same time they provide exhibition space for the foundation’s art collection. This collection ranges from treasures of antiquity to modern and contemporary art. Over the years, Hombroich has been expanded continuously. The Danish artist Per Kirkeby designed some studio buildings and the former military area Raketenstation has been converted for civil and artistic purposes: Artists, musicians, writers, and scientists from different nations live and work here. In addition, an exhibition hall was built for the Langen Foundation. Its Zen-like architecture, designed by the Japanese Tadao Ando, once again combines art and nature."

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