Bernard Frize "Hello, My Name is Bernard Frize"

“My work is not the result of some kind of recipe, but an exploration about my identity in the world. How do I use my experience, experience that I can name mine in the mass of the information of the day? The world presents itself as an obstinate and invading whole and I always have to measure and figure out the thread of skepticism..” 

"The paintings are disturbance. Bernard Frize establishes a field, a surface; then establishes a starting point; then creates a disturbance."   

Bernard Frize "Hello, My Name is Bernard Frize" 
January 18 to March 1st, 2014 @Galerie Perrotin, Paris  

"As a new introduction to Bernard Frize, the exhibition reveals key facts about his work:  

a. Bernard Frize’s paintings feature a spectrum of colors, selected not for their specific qualities but selected because they are distinct from one another; selected simply to be a color, not to evoke a mood or make a statement in and of themselves. 

b. Bernard Frize follows systematic procedures in executing his paintings, based on a pre-determined script he chooses which can do nothing once put in motion but veer pointedly towards disruption. 

c. Bernard Frize provides a stage for chance and the nature of the materials to make their way, to have their influence. Paint, resin, color, weight of the brush, imprint of the paint, the choice to allow a freeness to the touch.  In “Diola” gesture is evident. There is a saturation of color at the top and bottom of the canvas, at the edges of the brushstrokes. Throughout the main field of the painting, color is also saturated at the edges of the brushstrokes, where the paint became ever so slightly heavier from the friction between the brush and the canvas. The material (paint) is doing what it does. Water, pigment, gravity, the effects of drying all have their influence and all play a part in what the painting becomes. It’s an organic process.

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