Door handle & knob 
by Italian-born architect and designer Davide Rizzo 

"There is no typical Davide Rizzo design. The word “standard” is not part of his repertoire. Nevertheless, each and every turnkey concept carries his signature: enigmatic avant-gardism that revives the glamour of the 1920s and ’30s with “live” materials. Yet Davide Rizzo’s style is neither plush nor dated, but modern. He is inspired by the formidable architecture of Eastern Europe and the awe-inspiring objects seen on his travels through the former Yugoslavia, Bulgaria and the Ukraine. On his journeys to Central America he was particularly impressed by the works of Mexican architect and Pritzker laureate Luis Barragán. No doubt the impact of these impressions provides an explanation for his symbolically powerful designs that articulate a strong message. Contemporary trends, however, exert little influence on his work."

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