the works of Meghan Urback
at Dwell on Design, Handful of Salt's 100 percent California


The works of Meghan Urback at this weekend's Dwell on Design were a personal highlight. Sublime, textural reliefs, exuding calm in a convention center full of frenetic energy. Absolutely captivating works of felt.  These works were part of Regina Connell's Handful of Salt booth that promoted California designers (also featuring new works by Sara Paloma)  - David John

"The story behind my felt designs starts with a berry farm in the Puyallup valley in Washington state.  My grandfather started life as a Cuthbert raspberry farmer.  Though he eventually became a succesful car salesman and his family farm was sold, he always tended a large fruit and vegetable garden.  When he retired, several rows of the same Cuthbert berry vines fruited every summer in his garden.  I grew up picking these berries alongside him as he listened to baseball games on his ancient radio.  He always had plenty of berry tills and other goodies lying around in his shed.  Many years later, these berries, the cardboard berry baskets, and homemade raspberry jam are still important to me.  I began working with textiles while pursuing college and graduate degrees in art, and struck upon the idea for knitted raspberries made from handspun wool.  Of course they were displayed in my grandfather's berry baskets." - Meghan Urback

"I work with wool felt to create texture and warmth in objects for the home and office.  I am committed to using natural materials and am passionate about pairing contemporary design with finely honed craft skills.  I both create my own hand-processed felt and use industrially-produced varieties.  All of my felt work is 100% wool and it is mostly un-dyed, as I prefer to showcase the natural textures and colors of various types of wool."