"The main living room in Bruno Mathsson's house looks out to a lake, and the whole time I was shooting there, the only thing I could hear was the wind in the trees. It was so quiet and peaceful. The house is filled with all his own designs. I don't think there is one stick of furniture in his house that he did not design." - Leslie Williamson (more here)

"Walking into Gae Aulenti's living room for the first time was pretty thrilling for me. She showed me in and just kind of waved her hand around the room matter of factly… All of her lighting designs that I love are there and masses of books. Her library is staggering and carefully arranged around the walls of the double level  living room. " - Leslie Williamson

SUPPORT: Handcrafted Modern Europe

Photographer & writer Leslie Williamson has been steadily working on her follow up to "Handcrafted Modern: At Home with Mid-century Designers." The new book focuses on European architects and designers, including Aalto, Aulenti, Matthson, to name a few.  I was lucky enough to have coffee with Leslie when she was in Los Angeles last fall, in between her travels to Europe working on her book. Her dedication to her craft, her patience and desire to tell the stories of these designers hit me on an emotional level. Her dedication to documenting beauty, and the simple truths of living through the eyes of designers is a wonderful pursuit. 

Leslie Williamson has begun a kickstarter campaign for funding for the 2nd book, and for the next 18 days will be hopefully achieving her goal with our support.  To pledge, please visit her kickstarter page here, watch the video, and see more images from her upcoming book. - David John

In addition, there will be a lecture by Leslie Williamson, where she will be previewing more images from the book! Saturday, March 9, 2013, 6:00 p.m. at the Neighborhood Church 301 N. Orange Grove Blvd., Pasadena, CA 91103. more info here.. 

"The living room of Alvar Aalto's house looks into the home studio where he had his practice in the early years. When I was shooting the living room I felt like Aino - that is her picture on the piano - was watching me the whole time. At first it made me nervous and then I found her gaze very comforting. Like I somehow had her approval…But it made me want to ask her so many questions about the collaborative process of this house between her and Alvar."

"One of my favorite things about finn Juhl's house was his use of color. Each room has a color scheme and everything is integrated to serve that it seems. The way I say that makes it sound very calculated, but it all feels very organic. 

The blue and grey entry area is the narrowest part of the house and looks right out to the back yard. So you walk in the front door and immediately feel like you are outside again.
-Leslie Williamson 

Visit Leslie Williamson's kickstarter page here..