"A-Shades is a series of suspended light fixtures by designer Bec Brittain. Copper plated spun metal shades hang elegantly from a fabric wrapped cord. The warmth of the light cast off of the copper surface makes it an ideal light for both residential and commercial projects."

available at MATTER, NY, manufactured by Mattermade

When I interviewed Bec Brittain last year, she mentioned 2 important things she learned from working with a previous lighting designer. I often find myself coming back to her words, as they often ring true.... "Relax" and "your work will be appreciated by the client...."  Bec's latest copper spun pendants are simply stunning.  Copper forms, bold, simple, refined and timeless.

1. You can be a product designer and not make mass-produced items. Instead you make relatively few pieces, mostly by hand, and they will be appreciated by the client.

 2. Relax about something being perfect the first time out.  She continues to change and improve her pieces as certain issues pop up. There's a nice balance between making it the best you can at the time and understanding that you can always make it better. My description of how I made the SHY light in iterations is definitely influenced by this attitude.

Read the full interview with Bec Brittain here...

In Los Angeles, available at Twentieth