This one was locked, closed down and refrained.
You tore through the glass, no one could understand.
As you pushed them all away, you made them all return.
This on was overcome, yet you lost in the end.

Now you, are on your way. (here)


 Well I have been quietly standing in the shade 
All of my days 
Watch the sky breaking on the promise that we made 
All of this rain 
And I've been trying to find 
What's been in my mind 

As the days keep turning into night

A couple weeks ago, as I was rushing around in downtown Los Angeles, I stopped inside the Figueroa Hotel, built in 1925.  A stairwell led to a basement, and as my eyes focused, I began to see a circling vine, with lights, and leaves, and gentle circling illumination. I quickly snapped this photograph as a reminder.

It's been an intense year of change for myself, and as the year ends, I'm grateful for the friends, experiences, and work that has filtered into my life. I've often heard we live many lifetimes, and it is evident that I am entering a new lifetime.  To those who create in their own way, and seek to add, rather than subtract.   To take the time to see what is true to them, and to participate in their own way.  

Happy Holidays, and see you in 2013.  We are on our way.  - David John