"To commemorate the 40th anniversary of the opening of the Kimbell in its iconic Louis I. Kahn building, Adam Silverman has created three site-specific vessels that will be installed in the Museum’s southern interior courtyard during The Kimbell at 40: An Evolving Masterpiece and will be featured in this gallery talk. The vessels are made entirely of materials that have been harvested from the area around the Kahn building and from the construction site of the new Renzo Piano Pavilion."

"The original, 1972, Kimbell building is one of Louis Kahn’s finest buildings, one where many of his ideas about architecture are very clearly expressed. It is also regarded by many in the art and museum world as one of the best museum buildings in the country. In October 2010 construction began on a new Renzo Piano designed building at The Kimbell Piano’s just-begun addition to the Kimbell. The two buildings will be connected underground for staff, otherwise they will be freestanding buildings facing each other across a small grassy park. And behind the original Kahn building is The Fort Worth Modern Art Museum, designed by Tadao Ando and opened in December 2002. Kahn was a very influential figure on both Piano (who worked for Kahn briefly in the 60′s) and Ando. Kahn’s influence is evident in the work and writings of both architects, and I think both felt the pressure of Kahn’s presence when designing their buildings for this site.  For me as an architecture student, and then young architect, each of these three architects were very influential. And each of them continues to have a presence in my practice as a potter. So to find this opportunity to try to engage with the three of them, while they engage in their own conversation with each other is very exciting and intimidating and scary."

- Adam Silverman, more info here.