Gary Hume: 2   Sprüth Magers Berlin  

September 08 - October 20 2012

A member of the celebrated group of ‘Young British Artists’ who emerged from London’s Goldsmiths College in the late 1980s, Hume has developed a distinctive visual language of bold, simplified forms and an innovative use of colour. Renowned for his large-scale paintings which use high gloss paint to create planes of industrial colour, Gary Hume’s principal thematic concerns are colour and light and formal ambiguity, while his subject matter ranges from friends, family and celebrities, to motifs drawn from nature and childhood. Recognisable images, sometimes sourced from magazines or snapshots and often of a personal, sentimental nature are schematized, abbreviated and silhouetted almost to the point of abstraction so that the original source material is rarely traceable within the final work.  2 will bring together a selection of works on paper, produced between 2008 - 2010. The charcoal sketches were put aside until recently when the artist had the idea of adding to the existing works by painting the glass of their frames.

The monochrome drawings are thus enlivened with colour and texture, imbuing certain details of the earlier compositions with increased significance. The works reveal a further experimentation with paint on different surfaces, as well as highlighting Hume’s interest in the issues of repetition and process in artistic production. (more here)