"You lie in the heat of a summer haze
And turn it into a winters tale
You pull down the blinds
and shut out the sky " - Lloyd Cole, loveless

Harold Gilman
(1876‑1919) Study for 'Leeds Market' Date c.1913
@ Tate Britain, until May 7.

"Gilman's subject here is the isolation and loneliness of life in a big city,
but, unlike the older artist, he suppresses all suggestion of a narrative." (text from here)

"And do what you can to turn the whole thing grey ,
You're crying and pleading and you're hell just to be with
And you're everything that Ill ever need
So why do you say you love me when you dont?
You fall back into the English way
Of feeling only guilt cause you feel no pain
You sit and you stare at the empty page"
(Lloyd Cole, loveless)

"The Camden Town Group was a London-based society of sixteen artists who exhibited together three times in 1911 and 1912. The group encompassed a diverse array of styles and objectives, and ultimately disbanded due to artistic differences. Despite the brief nature of their alliance, their association heralded the absorption of European Post-Impressionism into contemporary British art, and witnessed a new desire for art to feature subjects taken from modern life. To mark the centenary of the group’s formation, this display focuses on one of their shared concerns, the important role in artistic practice of drawing. "