"the blankets hover solidly between being a utilitarian object and a material that conforms to the work of a painting. Or, as I've said before, a painting that is impersonating a sculpture, or inversely, a sculpture impersonating a painting."
- Tom Burr

“An object becomes so much more interesting
when a little bit of history is revealed."
- Zak Profera

1. Tom Burr's, deep wood drive @ Bortolami Gallery :March 7th to April 26th

"Tom Burr continues his visual exploration of the physical and psychological dimension of objects, and the fantasies we project upon their surfaces. Integral to the exhibition are works from the new series of "Cloud Paintings,"which are wooden wall panels covered with woolen blankets meticulously arranged and pinned to convey states of comfort and discomfort, order and disarray. These works are shown alongside large floor-bound sculptural tableau that engage notions of containment, biography, and protectionism in the context of public view. Tom Burr emerged in the 1990s as an important new voice in the dialogue of institutional critique, exploring the politics of minimalism and politics at large that were at the forefront of artistic and social concerns during the period.

2. New Textiles by Zak + Fox. Jingasa 100% Linen.

"The Jingasa was used as a protective piece of headgear for samurais during the Edo period (1603-1867), typically made of black wood or metal with the exception of a minimalistic adornment painted in gold. Some simply shielded the warrior from the elements while others were used to ward against the dangers of battle.

This textile’s allover pattern is a modern take on a crest found upon an antique Jingasa, evoking images of a lone samurai’s journey and insatiable wanderlust."

ZAK+FOX is a New York-based company founded by Zak Profera. Our fabrics are printed on Belgian-made linen using water-based inks.