"I think in many ways I feel more aligned to the Shakers
and other sects in which good, orderly behavior leads to a good life."

-Thad Hayes

As autumn folds himself into winter, I've begun to pull some books from the shelf. I'm counting on the colors fading, and beginning to notice the grey light disappearing from the sky.

There is a clarity in design that is made to last a lifetime, to endure, and push through until the morning sun rises.

Thad Hayes: The Tailored Interior, 2009

"Since establishing his office in New York in 1985, Thad Hayes has become one of the most sought-after young interior designers. As the twenty-two residences here show, he is noted for light-filled interiors characterized by calm colors, quietude, and elegance.

His interiors embrace the period and the modern, significant objects and simple ones, furniture he finds and pieces he designs. Hayes’s rooms resound in meditative understatement but are not afraid of being daring. From a penthouse on Central Park, a Deco duplex on Park Avenue, or a pied-à-terre at the Pierre Hotel to a Palm Beach retreat and Hamptons hideaway, his designs are remarkable for their symbiotic sensitivity to the client and his own subtle, extraordinarily beautiful aesthetic."