"Taste and style are words I hate.
I care about poetry, humanity and quality."

-Ivan Terestchenko

I recently had the pleasure of interviewing Ivan Teresthchenko about his work for YATZER. Please read the entire interview here. Thank you Ivan and Yatzer. - David John

Ivan Terestchenko
has received international recognition documenting the private homes of fashion and high profile designers for magazines worldwide including The World of Interiors, Casa Vogue Italy, & Elle Decor Italia. His recent work has included Raf Simons' Antwerp home, Frida Giannini's office in Rome and the home of Franca Sozzani, editor in chief of Vogue Italy, in Marrakech, to name but a few. When not working on high profile stories for publications, Ivan photographs surfers and their daily lives in a surfer's hut on the beach, and other expeditions on his well read site. Ivan travels extensively, has sailed twice across the Atlantic Ocean, and is an accomplished painter and sculptor. When he told me his ''dream is to have a surf lodge with a bar somewhere by the sea,'' I was not surprised in the least. Whether photographing, or sculpting in ceramics, Ivan's handwork is always present. There is undoubtedly a subtle sense of ''a storyteller'' in his art that captures and holds my imagination.

"Interior magazines are generally the result of a marketing process which will go on and on, until we get sick of it, about a concept they think is successful, and decorators or designers will bend their work to get a chance to be published. I have never followed this mantra. Taste and style are words I hate. I care about poetry, humanity and quality. This is what I try to convey in my work for magazines but I have no control on the lay out. So on my blog, I'm the only one in charge."

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