"The expression of the furniture is inspired by the world of architecture.
Architecture is spatial art, and spatial art is architecture."

seatdown – flexibility is the key word

Designed by Friis & Moltke: "
“Our physical surroundings must be human, and the conceptual foundation of the project is the supporting structure. A good interplay between buildings and the surrounding landscape, as well as between the internal rooms and the materials, is an important factor for the atmosphere you experience in the room.

The goal is unity – to create strong links between shape and function.

"The SeatDown modular series is exceptionally flexible. The individual seat may be equipped with or without arms and the table can be separated from the seats with arms. Furthermore, the wallmounted self-tipping seats are reduced to only 32 cm in depth.

The modules are easy to rebuild or extend with more seats. For instance the table can be replaced with a seat, arms can be added or removed, and SeatDown can be extended indefinitely. "