Great Coxwell Barn
Paula Rego Museum

"the barn vs the art gallery"
"the artist and the chickens become one"

Great Coxwell Barn is a large 14th century barn on the northern edge of the village of Great Coxwell, in Oxfordshire, England, though formerly in Berkshire.

Paula Rego Museum: The Portuguese painter and illustrator, Paula Rego, commissioned architect Eduardo Souto de Moura to design the museum that would house a substantial collection of her work. The resulting red concrete-clad building, situated on the former public garden Quinta da Parada, references historic buildings of Cascais and embodies the culture of the region. Two tapering towers distinguish the building; volumes of differentiated heights provide a variety of interior exhibition spaces.

Well, there’s the trend toward lightness and there’s another trend in the opposite direction. I think post-modernism marked a crisis in the modern movement from which two tendencies have emerged: one leading architecture toward more modernity and high technology, which involves reducing material; and the other that goes in the opposite direction, toward a revival of tectonic architecture. So you have those who use technology to push the limits of thinness, and you have those who celebrate the revival of the massive wall. We must recognize both.

We have Norman Foster and the whole English high-tech school, Grimshaw, Renzo Piano, and so on. And we have the other school represented by Siza and Moneo, who build solid walls with single openings for windows and doors, in different proportions, accenting the wall."

"There’s also a trend in architecture of increasing OPENNESS. It is already possible to build entirely transparent buildings – man living at one with nature, that sort of thing. On the other hand, using nothing but glass as a building material seems to me artificial, unnatural. There must be a rationale. My architecture fluctuates considerably between the full and the empty, the open and the closed. My early work was far more open and transparent; my current work has become increasingly CLOSED."

taken from here., Eduardo Souto De Moura