Brooke Woosley
design truck all weekend, los angeles

bundle is a glassblown pendant lamp
that was inspired by sloppily tied newspapers held together by twine.

Brooke Woosley
's latest project, "bundle" will be part of DESIGN TRUCK.
This afternoon, I met up with Brooke at her home studio, wanting to learn more about this work inspired by newspapers tied up with twine. I spent the early part of my twenties blowing glass, so I have a weakness for beautiful glass and lamps. These natural glass forms being held by woven cords remind me of the simple joy of watching clouds pass in the sky above. There is a lightness in these works that make them a complete joy.

I hope you can make it to the Design Truck, where some of LA's top young designers will be showing the streets some good ole design. Expect to see "bundle" and new Scout Regalia benches, and a bunch more. Dang!

I'm looking forward to posting a long interview with Brooke Woosley on YHBHS this summer, where we talk about materials, spaces, geometry, and Los Angeles design.

Design Truck
Friday 7-9 pm at Stussy, 112 South La Brea with Kogi
Saturday 6-9 pm at Covell, 4628 Hollywood Blvd with Heirloom