YHBHS portrait
of Mary Gaudin

"I like to capture an informal feel in the images
to avoid looking as though they’ve been styled for an interiors magazine."

images from LIFEBOOKS, by Mary Gaudin

Why did you begin the "LIFE BOOK?" What are they, and how many have you done?

Well, it started with looking for a practical way to bring together my photography & interest in interiors. I’d noticed that we record moments by taking pictures of people but rarely of homes, things & living spaces. So a Life Book is more than a record of someones physical space. It’s a collection of vignettes of the things that makes a home, the things that are important & treasured but also the everyday stuff that is used daily. I’m interested in photographing people’s home just as they are; finding small corners and details to photograph. I like to capture an informal feel in the images to avoid looking as though they’ve been styled for an interiors magazine. I don’t include portraits in the books but the odd pet does sneak into the shots. I have done around 20 books mainly in the UK. I’m very excited to be doing my first commission in the US over the summer.

What are the moments you are fascinated by in people's homes?

Each home is different & I enjoy the challenge of framing details & finding ways to photograph peoples spaces with natural light. The houses I most like photographing are the more quirky/less designed ones.

What is a beautiful home to you?

For me a beautiful home is one which is a mixture of styles & not too designed. One which has simple well thought out spaces. Oh, and lots of books.

Other than your life books, what do you enjoy photographing?

I’m always drawn to photographing architecture, especially details of buildings. I’m also a big fan of the everyday snapshot style. I have a growing collection of après meal table shots. Recently I’ve begun using film again & so I’m enjoying experimenting especially with slide film.

Can you talk about your blog, why you began, and where it has taken you?

I began my blog soon after I moved from London to the South of France. Initially it was a way of documenting new places visited but increasingly I’m using it as a more formal photographic record. Less words and more images.

Letting the pictures speak more for themselves.

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