new work:
Nicole Wermers

Herald St is pleased to announce its third exhibition at the gallery by German-born London-based artist Nicole Wermers.

"Wermers' practice utilizes a minimalist language to highlight the familiar; domestic furnishings, high street aesthetic and industrial finishes are all commonplace within the artist's visual lexicon. Her sculptures often occupy a no mans land somewhere between autonomy and the functional and it is this reference to the functional that allows Wermers' work to have both a dialogue with the formal past and a familiar present....

Wermers turns her hand to photography with a series of framed photographs taken by the artist at the Musée Rodin in Paris. The museum is one of several municipal museums in Paris that display the work of one artist in their former home and studio within the context of their private collections of art and antiques and accompanied by original furnishings and decoration. Wermers' photographs depict the mostly white marble sculptures of Rodin and the plaster models for several larger bronze commissions as well as some of Camille Claudel's work, which inhabit the museum like ghosts reflected in the in the numerous half blind mirrors as well as the glass and perspex casings that house the more fragile works within the building's Rocaille architecture. Purposefully showing off reflections in the large mirrors and windows of the museum, Wermers' photographs are framed behind glass in artist designed clip frames.

The original diminutive clips make way for brushed steel stylized replacements that act both functionally as clips but perhaps more importantly as formal markers and composers in their own right..."

2 Herald Street, London,
22nd May - 26th June