“What are you my colleague architects and engineers doing?
How do you use your super power given to you by the universe?

Why do you remain routine draftsmen, cocktail sippers, coffee gulpers and making routine love?

Wake up, there’s a new world to be created within our world.

Multi-use chair MOMA.... 1942

There are days when endless digging through the internet is triumphant. Little did I know when I stumbled upon this oak and linoleum form based furniture constructed in 1940's from the
MOMA Archives that it would lead to a fast moving train into space. Buckle up.

Frederick J. Kiesler,
1890-1965, I would have liked to have met you, but since I won't be able to, in this lifetime at least, I'm left with images and stories about the ENDLESS HOUSE.

What's the Endless House?
A good question!
Go here... It's an intro to Kiesler, the endless house, and more than I bargained for. A chance to jump off the grid for a bit. Not the power grid travelers, but the GRID. As I began to google further about Kiesler, I found that Peter Loughrey had mentioned him in his YHBHS interview about the Kiesler Nesting Tables. onwards....

Frederick Kiesler and a cat....


Functionalism is determination and therefore stillborn.
Functionalism is the standardization of routine activity.
Functionalism relives the architect of responsibility to his concept.

Frederick J. Kiesler
was an architect, sculptor, painter, designer, and art historian. He was tireless in his pursuit of a radical new concept of interior spaces: his dream was a polydimensional living space, an organic continuum in which color, form, and light, combined with magical and mythical themes, would create a new cosmos. His so-called Endless House, imagined and designed in the 1950s, though never realized, stayed with him all his life, and has fascinated and influenced other architects for decades. "Endless Space" reconstructs Kiesler's ideals of living and his concept of modernity with extensive illustrations from Kiesler's archives and texts about his theories and career.

taken from here.... oh how i want this book. to read in endless space.

“Continuity, the new principal of Architecture.” Endless Space.

ladies and gentleman, we are now floating in space.