Vincent Dubourg
when staircases become us.

a careful balance between the practical and beautiful.

Inside / 19 March - 28 May

Vincent Dubourg’s Three Story Private Staircase Commission

"We are unveiling this work in line with Dubourg’s upcoming solo show at Carpenters Workshop Gallery. The commissioned staircase, expands across three floors of a private home in London and was created entirely by hand, including the Staircase’s Maquette. The maquette will be exposed at Carpenters Workshop Gallery in Mayfair throughout the show, framed by a customized wall in order to further compliment the scale and vision the artist initiated this special project with."

(images and text courtesy of Carpenters Workshop Gallery / London)

Vincent Dubourg, 31, works between Paris and a small town in the Creuse region of France, where his studio is located. His latest work challenges all notions of contemporary furniture design embracing a complete openness towards found and natural materials. His unique pieces evoke a sense of the familiar and defy all attempts of present day categorisation. Dubourg describes his pieces as a fusion of furniture, architecture and sculpture.

They strike a careful balance between practical and beautiful.
He uses traditional furniture making techniques such as blowing glass, wood-bending and metal casting as a means of transforming simple materials and found objects. His distinct style is at once nostalgic and avant-garde.


3 Albemarle Street, London, W1S 4HE