The key word of my work is elementariness.
I look primarily for the essence of things;
I would like to invent archetypes.

Jean Nouvel

"Like many of his modernist predecessors who worked across related disciplines, Nouvel describes himself as an ARCHITECT who also makes DESIGN. His non-architectural products derive from his architectural commissions or from alternative visions that correspond to his building design but which are linked to specific use. Regardless of the scale of the object or the architecture, Nouvel employs the same rigorous approach, imbuing the objects and accoutrements of everyday life with a lyricism that is striking and emotive yet austere and utilitarian."

(all text and images are taken from Gagosian Gallery.)
Gagosian Gallery Paris is pleased to announce an exhibition of limited edition furniture by Jean Nouvel, presented in collaboration with Galerie Patrick Seguin.
Exhibition: March 30 - May 21, 2011, Gagosian Paris


this show makes me wonder what LACMA might have been if Jean Nouvel has been chosen for the LACMA project here in L.A.

Jean Nouvel, on LACMA
"Each era should be desirable, the existing foundations upgraded. To love things as they are, to give a little tenderness to slightly unfashionable attitudes -this doesn't advocate leaving things as they are. It implies a fine analysis of each building, each extension, each bit of pollution where a diagnostic could be made, creating an environment to invent and provoke something – like chemical reactions, where adding an ingredient would transform, mutate, coagulate, color, precipitate.... "

go to his site to be absorbed in Jean Nouvel, and read more about LACMA