I see the mountain side The trees and sky go by....
I'm out here on my own I might not come back home.
"when concrete becomes mythical."

G E R M A N DEL SOL from Santiago, Chile, is a designer and architect that has built three eco-hotels in extreme regions of ice and desert. In reverse of Singer, del Sol intervenes into almost mythic Nature with human constructions. The work responds to human excesses of dominating the Earth by demonstrating ways to follow nature or flow with it - and still be human. Never dissolving into nature. Always celebrating raw nature through a gentle contrast of color or texture or long edges.

The forms separate the earth from sky, steaming water from forest canopy, inside from out and human path from untouched nature. Both the separation and thing separating co-exist equal. In the time of saving the planet, humans can still be humans and nature, nature.

taken from here..

E M B A I X A D A was established in 2001 with the aim to produce works capable of answering to the exquisite requisites of contemporary life by innovative ways. The work developed encloses areas such as Urbanism, Architecture and Design...

"The Project is a conversion of a former rundown factory infrastructure that plays a relevant role in the urban context of the city of Tomar, although without any particular architectural interest. Located at the beginning of the city historical centre, the building has been subjected to several attachments and changes over the years, finding itself threatened by some decadence and inadequate for the intended use. " (taken from here.)


"And we go outside
When the morning's dark"

1. German del Sol Arquitectco, Saunas y estanques, Atacama
2. E M B A I X A D A, architects

(lyrics by the incredible beach fossils!)