Erika Stahlman, interior designer, guest post for YHBHS

"What 80s valley girl wouldn't love his work?"

Interiors by Ugly Cute, inspired by Sotsass
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Erika Stahlman writes,

"What 80s valley girl wouldn't love his work?

Geometric shapes, laminates with unnatural textures, vibrant colors ? Red, yellow, pale blue and green? Set next to high contrast black and white. Familiar shapes or images transformed into something completely different, like the silhouette of a palm tree in bright red that turns into an adjustable shelving unit, a boxing ring that becomes a bed, or Aladdin's carpet morphing into a chair.

I love the way he stained wood veneers in unlikely reds, yellows and greens on streamlined shapes that conveyed electric movement. He was a genius at Pop Art and a master of avant-garde furniture. And his influence is clear on designers past, present and will remain unmatched in the future."

Second, Installation Konstfack for kids, Stockholm

Erika Stahlman is a bi-coastal interior designer raised in Palm Springs, California. She studied at the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising and for more than 20 years has worked creating and transforming luxury condominiums, high-end residential and hospitality projects into livable art. She directed projects in New York, Los Angeles and Buenos Aires, and has completed a long list of private residences for a select group of celebrity clients. Erika's ever-evolving aesthetic is constantly nurtured by her world travels and years of training with the best architects and furniture designers worldwide.

She writes a weekly column on interior design, art and lifestyle. You can find it at the/aesthete (