Demetrius Oliver....

"Joining the sea with both corporal and heavenly phenomena, the installation recreates the awe felt when looking at the night sky and the increasing smallness of human existence within the ever-expanding universe. "

Demetrius Oliver
Light Work Main Gallery,
January 18 – March 8, 2011 Penumbra

"The exhibition Penumbra, a series of three video installations by Demetrius Oliver, connects viewers to their place in the universe by playing with earthly and human forms against a backdrop of the cosmos. In Penumbra, explorations of light and scale, movement and the rhythm of the natural world suggest journeys both physical and metaphysical. By training our eyes to look simultaneously at ourselves and the heavens, the artist establishes a continuum of existence that emphasizes unity and ultimately peace. Finding the spectacular in the everyday, Oliver transforms seemingly ordinary material building blocks into images and installations that stretch the confines of human structures and bodies into the greater universe."

Light Work
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