2 selections from the 2011
Lignet Roset catalog.

"the idea precedes and the technique follows."

(I dream to tour the Briord factory, and see how these beautiful items are constructed.)


"Ligne Roset’s products are developed at the Briord, France factory where quality control is ensured from start to completion. Ligne Roset is stamped on each product, an external symbol of perfection.

The company’s headquarters have been located in Briord since 1973 and have evolved considerably since that time. The belief of Jean Roset, shared by Pierre and Michel, was that the corporate office should be preserved in honor of the Roset family history, and of all those who shared in the evolution of the company."

"Jean’s sons Pierre and Michel joined the family business during the explosion of creativity-the hallmark of the 1960’s and 1970’s-which presented a timely opportunity to revitalize the company by working with interior architects and designers such as Michel Ducaroy. The Ligne Roset brand became official in 1973 with the very first store opening, alongside the launch of Michel Ducaroy’s Togo, a timeless, iconic piece that continues to enrapture a captive audience.