Y H B H S (card catalog) selection 35

Mary Manning,
"dreaming is better than parties...."

Beautiful Thoughts

by Tiny Tim

Mary Manning writes, " This small volume arrived through my front door when I lived in San Francisco. It was sent to me from my very dear friend Frank. You can even see two small dents in the front cover from when my dog used to bite the mail when the post arrived.
It's a very kind and generous collection of messages from funny ol' Tiny Tim. Beautiful Thoughts. Simple.

I have so many books that inspire me but this one came to mind immediately when you asked. It's so funny and graphic and positive. There are classic fonts laid upon technicolor graphics that say things like:




Mary Manning
is an artist, photographer, and cinephile living in New York City. Her blog, UNCHANGING WINDOW is a photographic essay of her life: the colors, forms, art & music that inspires her. Last year she curated a show in Los Angeles called, CHUMS, which united real objects among online friends at Space 15 Twenty.