Heath glass....
coming soon.....

Having been a glassblower in my 20's, I still have a huge appreciation for hand blown glass. There is simply nothing better than hand blown glass in my opinion. A friend, who knows I used to blow glass, sent this to me today via the HEATH blog. I'm thrilled that Heath is slowly expanding into other realms of craft, and can't wait to see these glasses in person. I wonder what's next?


"I’ve always wanted to offer Glassware that we could make locally. Earlier this year I visited a small factory in West Virginia, the factory has been around for 70 years … A collection of classic simple hand blown glassware by Heath. I love the result and that we are preserving the craft of American Glassmaking. Like our little factory, this craft of manufacturing is almost extinct in the US. The glassware is now in our stores, soon to be on-line. Let us know what you think."

-Cathy, via Heath Blog