California dreamin' (of the past)

"A FRAME concept"

upcoming holiday + dining!


The upcoming holidays are around the corner! The feeling of fall in California has me thinking of new places I'm hoping to explore. There is something nostalgic about the holidays, and perhaps this is the reason I have become obsessed with A FRAME archiitecture lately. It reminds me of family trips to the Ozarks in the South.

Back to the present: day-tripping California style, from the Sierras to L.A. Dining, Food, and the warmth of a cabin's fire.
Perhaps an A FRAME holiday is in store this year!


Alighiero Boetti, ladder and chair, A-frame.... "Alighiero Boetti 1940 – 1994 was an Italian conceptual artist, considered to be a member of the art movement, Arte Povera. Boetti's work was typified by his notion of 'twinning', leading him to add 'e' (and) between his names, 'stimulating a dialectic exchange between these two selves'."


A-Frame, a new restaurant in Culver City, Los Angeles.

"A-Frame is a place that came from the feeling I used to get when cracking crabs on Redondo Beach Pier as a youth. The salt air, the cement benches. Newspapers and wooden mallets. Family and friends. The kind of food that you wanted to eat then and there is re-imagined here and now. Eat with your hands, reach across the table, lick your plates clean and share food with some strangers. " -Papi Chulo

"Triangular and tee-pee shaped homes date back to the dawn of time, but architectAndrew Geller turned an old idea into a revolutionary concept in 1957 when he built an "A-frame" house in Long Island, New York.

Named for the distinctive shape of its roofline, Geller's design won international attention when it was featured in the New York Times.

Soon, thousands of A-frame homes were built around the world.text ( via here.)

Idyllreek A-Frame Vacation Cabin is located at the very end of scenic Boulder Drive in Idyllwild, California. This Idyllwild Vacation Rental is nestled in the cool woods of Southern California’s San Jacinto mountains, Idyllcreek is the perfect Idyllwild Vcation Cabin for your next mountain retreat.

Idyllcreek is an original 1960’s A-frame cabin that is every bit as charming and serene as it looks.

more here....

"Starting in the 1950s, the A frame cabin was the most popular vacation home type and a national phenomenon. It dotted ski slopes from Stowe Vermont to Squaw Valley, California and was a common sight in resort communities and forests and on back roads in between.

The steep slope of the A-frame roof is designed to help heavy snow to slide to the ground, instead of remaining on top of the house and weighing it down. In winter time we do have up to 16 feet of snow at Far Meadow and this made it very logical that we decided to look into ‘rediscovering’ the A frame design and gave it a modern spin. FAR MEADOW is our 20 acre parcel situated within the Sierra National Forest at an elevation of 7000 feet.

14 miles above Bass Lake on the Sierra Vista Scenic Byway, this property is surrounded by amazing meadows, secret swimming holes and miles and miles of undiscovered hiking trails. Your own private Yosemite without the crowds."

image via Sunset magazine.


California dreamin'
"A-FRAME concept"

upcoming holiday + dining!