3 perfect lamps,
"sweet new style"

"the privileged light never goes out"

"I'm on the dark side of the street, Not the light side of the street.....

"Conventionally, time is divided into three distinct regions; the "past", the "present", and the "future". Using that representational model, the past is generally seen as being immutably fixed, and the future as undefined and nebulous.

As time passes, the moment that was once the present becomes part of the past; and part of the future, in turn, becomes the new present. In this way time is said to pass, with a distinct present moment "moving" forward into the future and leaving the past behind. This view of time is given the name presentism by philosophers. This conventional model presents a number of difficult philosophical problems, and seems difficult to reconcile with currently accepted scientific theories such as the theory of relativity."

"We apparently fear death because we believe that we will no longer exist after we die. But if Eternalism is correct, death is just one of our temporal borders, and should be no more worrisome than birth."

"Dolce Stil Novo
, Italian for "sweet new style", modern Italian nuovo), or stilnovismo, is the name given to the most important literary movement of 13th century in Italy. "

3 perfect lamps
for Thursday.

"the light never goes out"