Shigeki Fujishiro
at tortoise,
los angeles


Shigeki Fujishiro has a small show up at Tortoise, in Venice, CA until the end of the month.
When I received photos of these baskets, I immediately became captivated by these knotted bright red ropes. Sadly, after a few failed attempts, we never met up and had the cup of coffee we emailed about. I'm excited to see this show, and excited that he took a trip to Marfa and Joshua Tree this time in the states. Hopefully next time we can meet up Shigeki.


2 questions with
Shigeki Fujishiro

Knot. Tell me about these works? What are they used for, and what is the inspiration?

I had been interested in rope works, and Japanese "KUMIHIMO," this year. Then I found a rope book, and I tried to make a bag by myself. Then I was thinking about manufacturing, and I suddenly had an idea to ask rope net factory.

Their samples let me think about basket, because the material is so harder than I expected. Its used for laundry box, magazine rack ,anything else. I like to use it hanging on the wall.

Why do you design?

I want to make someone happy . When I feel someone uses my items, it is my motivation!

knot is up until the 31st of Oct.
at Tortoise, Los Angeles