Lesley Vance
Los Angeles & London
a cerebral, elegant riff on still-life history."

"Lesley Vance featured in the 2010 Whitney biennial but is new to London. Los Angeles gallerist David Kordansky is showing a dozen smallish oil-on-linen compositions whose pressured, wet, long, heavy strokes fold in and out of each other, creating abstract forms of terrific sculptural density.

Sombre colours – browns, blacks, greens, occasional lemon or pink – and a backlit, inner luminosity recall 17th-century Spanish still-life painting, which Vance cites as an influence. Kordansky mentions “a European vibe to the work”, though Vance plays tradition at one remove: she arranges items such as rocks and shells, photographs them, then works from the image, abstracting, compacting: a cerebral, elegant riff on still-life history."

article via financial times, oct 15....

image above untitled 14,
via david kordasnky....