Joseph Dirand
interiors + architecture

It is only when I don't have enough work
that I cannot sleep.

"One of the first roles of architecture is to answer to a function, but one of my obsessions is to try and create abstraction around this functionality and dissolve domestic functions into sculptural forms. My work is often composed in two different phases, the first is to create a frame according to the context and after to confront this space with a sculptural composition and to create a discussion between space and architectural objects."


"During my studies I had the opportunity to start in 1996 working for private clients since I was 21 years old. I did a few shops, private apartments and houses in the same time as my studies. I can remember images and experiences when I was young that made be want to become an architect.

For example, about 20 years ago I visited a felt room by Joseph Beuys at Beaubourg, the visit of the Ronchamp Church by le Corbusier, a sculpture of light by James Turrell, the Versailles garden's of Le Notre, a picture of a traditional Japanese tea room, the Cistercian abbey of Thoronet and a chair from Gerrit Rietveld.

Your inspirations can come from anywhere and everything and your personality comes from your reaction when facing things and the way you transform your culture into your personal experience.

"All projects have their own challenges and I feel that in general great projects come out of major constraints. One of the difficult things in minimal architecture is to make everything disappear. The important point is to never forget an idea because you think it will be too difficult to realize. Probably the only negative constraint is when we do not have enough time to realize a project the way that you want and when we need to change an original choice because we don't have the time to make it right."

Joseph Dirand

interiors + architecture

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