new work:


rust shikiri!

Pacha Design continues to make me lust after every piece of furniture they produce. This new shelving unit, with rust fronts & sustainably sourced UK oak feels pretty much perfect. In today's world, where designers are always attempting the thrill of the "new," Glenn and Samantha always take the opposite approach. Who else is using rust, oak, slate and other earthly materials in such a sublime manner?


Much of our work evolves from a simplistic approach to design and the materials that we use, combining pared down aesthetics with the japanese view of wabi sabi, beauty in imperfection. we are very much inspired by the natural state of decay & rawness of
oak, slate & metal, yet use these materials to produce pieces with
clean lines & a modern feel."

image above:

rust shikiri , open shelving
with cupboards

sustainably sourced uk oak ,
finished with eco hard wax oil