“I learned to see through you,” she wrote him in a late letter,
“and never compose a line or draw a curve that does not
come from the knowledge I derived in our precious time together.”

Patti Smith's letter
to Robert Mapplethorpe

"the statuary" by Robert

"Robert Mapplethorpe’s sadomasochistic photographs stirred controversy in the late 1980s. But by then he had mostly abandoned such themes, and also began to deeply explore a fascination with ancient Greek statuary. In addition to photographs of actual statues, this exhibition presents the polished—and surprisingly demure—nudes inspired by them."

"Oh how time flies With crystal clear eyes
And cold as coal When you're ending with diamond eyes"
- crossbones style.

"During the 1980s Mapplethorpe's sense of rapture in the classical ideal found full expression through photographing live, lithe bodies of unusually powerful dancers and bodybuilders — notably those who, like him, broke stereotypes.

It was Mapplethorpe's transgression of high culture as much as the breathtaking courage of his oeuvre that brought him to the epicenter of art and censorship issues before he died of AIDS in 1988."

"the statuary" by Robert