and stones
may break
my bones."
(Vito Acconci)

"the name calling chair"

Ok, I'm not going to lie. Vito's work blows me away for so many reasons.. This interview, that I pulled a couple of quotes from offers a lot to think about in terms of "name calling."
I'm not sure I want to be labeled an "interior designer," or even a "blogger." Space is the place that my mind drifts to. Energizing my thoughts and the surroundings. Attempting to realize the power of objects, and a desire to transform the "concrete" into something I dare say "other:worldly."

This is what wakes me up in the morning and motivates me to turn on my computer, or open my journal with a sharp pencil ready to create. Vito sums it up the best, "
You can hope, maybe, that people ascribe so many labels to you that none wins out…"

Oh the name calling chair. Go ahead, call me any name you like. But please, call me many names at the same time.

Vito Acconci
"the name calling chair"
cherry plywood, ash burl plywood and zebrawood plywood

(taken from interview here)

When people try to place you in a group, so to speak? Would you rather they simply focus on your work?

Vito: Everybody uses labels: they give you a handle on things – an over-simplified handle, sure, but without labels, without ads, without words, the world would be an indistinguishable mass, a blur. You can hope, maybe, that people ascribe so many labels to you that none wins out…

Art has viewers, and I was never comfortable with users – gradually, I accepted the fact that my work needed participants, inhabitants, users – and that’s what design has, that’s what architecture has.

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