Shuhei Endo

"The architect today is groping for plausible paramodern architecture that can open up new possibilities by overcoming the self-imposed limitations of modernism in architecture that resulted from pursuing uniformity to excessive degrees, while taking advantage of its possibilities and effectiveness to the fullest extent.

In modernism, architects broke down the whole of architecture into such elements as post, beam, roof, and wall, and reassembled these elements again. Limitations inherent to this kind of "composition" may be regarded as a major reason why modernism in architecture never gained real richness in its character.

Shuhei Endo, architect


completed 1995
Shuhei Endo, architect

"The client requested that all people who will visit this place including the inhabitants of Hyogo prefecture, improves the interest for global environmental concerns and be able to experience various approaches as the place of environmental study.

We thought about creating the new environment architectural space that could share the point of contact with nature and environment providing a keyword called “the circulation” in a relation with nature for the request."

top image by
allen ruppersberg