Richard Hawkins,

closes this weekend
at Richard Telles, Los Angeles

"In his last exhibition at Richard Telles, Hawkins premiered his first “dollhouse” sculptures. In this project and several others that followed, Hawkins initiated and expanded his exploration of architectural folly that included inverted houses, concealed labyrinths, a Chinatown storefront, capriccio painting, and Proustian haunts.

The new sculptures serve to bookend this ongoing practice, further mining its origins in decadence and decay. The new works on paper are layered with impetuous paint splotches, embellished Asian models, and goth-boy rockers. Echoing the sculptures, they depict dilapidated and abandoned interiors, creating a backdrop for their fantasized inhabitants. The layering of images reveal the specters that permeate Hawkins' poetic representations of longing and the passage of time."