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Dial Records
Turns 10!

Dial is simply, hands down,
one of the best
labels out there!

"After a decade of production, this year Dial presents a birthday to celebrate the music. The compilation “2010″ points into the future, rather than being just a nostalgic retrospective, but ten years of Dial does not only stand for ten years of records it also means tangible fashioning in all sorts of forms.

The attempt of converting the physical reference of this practice into a space was previously realized in the 2005 exhibition “No Competitive Offers” in Den Bosch. Now this idea is picked up again in the form of a retail shop in Berlin. For a short period of time, this specially designed Dial Shop will exhibit and offer music, record cover designs, editions, multiples

The exhibition shop will feature all previously released Dial records and cds, many of them still in print. Additionally, there will be two new Dial products on offer. First, there’s a collaboration between Michaela Meise and David Lieske, who designed an edition of 15 record boxes, each uniquely painted and lined.

Secondly, the shop will offer a proposal for a dial wallpaper (hell yes!) designed by the artist Julian Goethe, who was responsible for the design of the last Dominique album.

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