Interview with
Laurel Broughton
of Welcome.

I recently spent an amazing afternoon
talking with Laurel Broughton of WELCOME about our fascination
of objects, art, architecture, and everything else under the sun.

I was blown
away at the projects she is working on in her
Los Angeles studio, and I am really excited about
the upcoming interview and pictures of her work.

Stay tuned! And thanks again Laurel for the tour of your studio.
A pleasure chatting with you!

WELCOME is a multivalent practice focused on the production of discursive sensibilities. WELCOME enlists craft and grassroot mores to fabricate meaningful design toward the explication of cultural ideas.

WELCOME Work is accessible and fun but also gravely, practically serious. WELCOME Consultation offers Architectural, Design and related Strategy and Conceptualization Services.

Whole wall furniture series.

"whole wall furniture family is a series of modular storage and display pieces loosely based on balloon frame wall construction traditionally composed of wood studs, insulation, lath and sheathing. Taken as inspiration these materials are genetically refined for new modern living: FSC certified pine; pure wool felt, colorful acrylic and re-purposed emergency blankets.

Each piece is designed to be viewed from any side, to function flexibly and to divide space as needed. Meet the whole wall family, Whole Wall Shelf, Whole Wall Desk and Whole Wall Bench."

1497 Beverly Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90026