Jason Irla

in a Single Glance

Jason Irla

Salutation and Farewell in a Single Glance
Two channel video installation


"I am concerned with the process of looking and, more importantly, seeing. Looking being the recognition of that which acts on a surface level. Seeing functioning as the ability to discern that which is below the suface and which may not be actively visible with the eye alone. Each piece attempts to challenge our relationship with the visual detritus to which we are subjected on a daily basis. Rooted in personal observation, I employ an extreme economy of means to create situations that reward slow careful looking, providing a space for a contemplative sensory experience. Through conceptual and phenomenological investigations, I am trying to understand what it means to be in the moment, and how individuals relate to the space of a moment. I define “moment” loosely as an unfixed unit of measurement for quantifying time. From a fraction of a second or many decades long, a moment can be defined as many things within the context of time. By providing a space for recognizing the subjectivity of time, my work emphasizes the passive exchange of the perceptible moment. "