Apartamento May 2010 is out!
Sadly, I can't seem to
find out in Los Angeles.
Any thoughts?
Surely, someone in LA sells this other than Skylight books?
Any tips, send them my way..

an everyday
life interiors magazine.

"Apartamento is an international editorial project dedicated to the world of interiors, born to tell the story of personal experiences and lifes through the spaces where we live and work. Everyday stories, seen without the usual masks of look-a-like interiors perfect to the millimeter, because in real life variables are infinite and unpredictable since every environment has got its own dynamics and peculiarities that make it special.

Apartamento aspires to be a source of inspiration, a new stimulating force to show how common people live, decorate their homes and react to the same everyday life events that at some point might happen to all of us."


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