@ Misako
and Rosen

Fergus Feehily
June 6 Sun - July 4 Sun 2010
Misako and Rosen, Tokyo

Modest in scale and material, often incorporating found items and generally pale in palette, the works of Fergus Feehily gently, yet persistently, embody complexity while prompting patience. On first appearance soft, subsequently subversive, Feehily's work engages viewing. Subtle geographies, both psychic and physical, the paintings and objects in assorted media (sculpture, book) play- re-enacting process while activating space.

Less perceptual puzzles than possible conversations, Feehily's works elude closure; many of the recent paintings either contradictorily presenting the hidden (painted surface partially obscured behind another surface) or exposing, counterintuitively, the subtle or as he refers to it, "lower-case" violence used in their making, paintings, for example, screwed to the wall through, rather than behind, their surface.