Sam Amidon,
"I See the Sign"

on constant rotation...
really amazing album....
take a listen here.

from the notes:

Have you heard of Bessie Jones? She was from North Carolina, but she married a guy from the Georgia Sea Islands and moved there as a young woman. She sang many songs that she had heard growing up, but she also learned the children's singing-game songs on the Islands and sang them with the kids: Way Go Lily and Johanna the Row-di. She played tambourine like Tony Williams played his ride cymbal. She sang low and gravelly. Her tambourine playing is the best rhythms ever. Thanks to my parents for singing her songs for me when I was growing up, and to Beth and Shahzad for singing them with me here.

It would behoove you to listen to a lot more Sonny Rollins. The "deep breath and soft sweep" of his tone, and the hermetic ordering of his melodies and phrasing can have a positive effect on the electrical charges in the human body. So why are you waiting to listen to his music?

Some of the other words and melodies are from other places. I originally learned Climbing High Mountains from Lucy Simpson. Have you read Lulu in Hollywood by Louise Brooks?

Do you see the sign? —Sam