Portrait of A Bed

Portrait of a Bed .
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Lázaro Rosa-Violán
The Geometric Bedroom.

two words.... wow. wow.
kinda speechless....
a pretty darn good hotel suite.

"Lázaro Rosa-Violán leads Contemporain’s eight-strong team of industrial, interior and graphic designers. Our combination of technical ability, knowledge of design culture (both past and present) and ability to interpret our client’s needs is our raison d’ être. Together, we aim to create rich and beautiful interiors that, although meticulously contrived, carry an air of ‘lived-in’ spontaneity. This, we believe, creates a harmonious setting for our clients’ vision, and, in turn, one that their clients will wish to return to again and again."

I've chosen to post images of the bedrooms,
frankly, his site is breathtaking..
The restaurant design is top notch.
I'll be looking at these images on his site
for a very long time...

Especially photos like this one (
click here!)
or this one! here..

Sol Lewitt
inspired wall perhaps?

"Lázaro Rosa-Violán describes himself as an ‘urban archaeologist’ and ‘style hunter’. Although he studied the Fine Arts, his ability to conceive interiors is instinctual. His first project (a restaurant) was carried out in the Balearic Island of Ibiza in 1990 and in 2003 he established Contemporain, on the premise that very few bars and restaurants were executed whereby interior design, lighting, ambiance and food worked together to make a coherent whole. “The interior designer is an actor“, he has stated. “He must dress up and change roles, understand new identities and integrate them with his own.”

His ability to re-interpret design icons, culturally-aware sense of aesthetics and technical knowledge has resulted in an impressive portfolio. Rosa-Violán’s mise en scènes create a sense of luxury and timelessness. Every detail, be it furniture, textiles or wall art converge together naturally, resulting in harmonious interiors that stand out for their ease of use and concise visual language."

I could take a serious snooze

in this hotel room about now....
(caffeine is failing..)
the headboard almost looks
like mini monochrome paintings.

of a Bed

Lázaro Rosa-Violán
the Geometric Bedroom.

Inspired by
The Brick House Tumbler
thanks Morgan!